February 7, 2014

5 on Friday

1. I have been a leopard girl for as long as I can remember.  My grandma bought me a cute little leopard backpack back in the 90's when small backpacks were a thing.  I've had leopard leggings, leopard blankets, my grandpa even bought leopard sheets for my long hospital visit!  I have never had leopard shoes though.....until now.  I'm in love!  These little beauties are from Banana Republic and are on sale on-line.  

2.  Barre Classes- I finally tried out a barre workout at an actual barre studio.  Although I am the most inflexible person on earth and I could barely even get my leg onto the bar and once it was on there I just stood there looking at my foot, I still enjoyed it.  Trust me just go to a class with me and you feel better about yourself.

3.  It's February!  The month of pink and red, chocolate, and hearts.  What could be more fun?  I love that chocolate candy keeps popping up in meetings.  I know some people hate Valentines Day but, I love it, I always have.  Even the 21 years I was never dating anyone on Valentine's Day.  It's just a fun holiday.  Pink M&M's are all I really need this month.

4.  I am loving my new Anthropologie Quirky Heirloom Throw.  I have been eyeing this throw for years, literally.  Well the moment I had been waiting for finally happened...it went on sale!  And....I had just gotten a gift card for Christmas!  Perfect timing for me to finally buy the throw and I love it.  Unfortunately it is all sold out now but there are a lot of other good options in the store.  It's quite heavy so it does keep me warm even though there are a lot of "holes" in it.  It is just a one of kind piece and I know I will keep forever.

5.   Lastly, I really enjoyed the snow this week!  Waking up to beautiful falling snow is so nice every once in a while.  I made myself a big cup of coffee and watched the snow fall before I had to head off to work.  You can't really tell from the pictures but snow was falling.  I wish I could have enjoyed this all day long but I guess work is kind of important....


January 31, 2014

5 on Friday

Five things I'm digging this week....

1.  Our Church.  For the first time in many many years I feel like we have a church home.  While we haven't been attending for a months and months, we at least enjoy the time we have been here.  We are getting more involved and can see a future here.

2.  The big news in North Texas is that little Carter is starting to crawl!  He melts my heart.  I can't wait for this little guy to really get moving.  Anytime I am having a bad day, I can look at a picture or video of him and instantly be happy.

3.  My new West Elm copper colored tray!  This was a late arrival Christmas gift from my sister and brother in law.  Ahh I love it!  Courtney even personalized it with a "B"  I have been wanting one of these trays for a while now but have been waiting until we finally got a coffee table.  Even better that it comes in this perfect color....for my future home of course.

4.  Cable Television.  For the first time in our married lives we have cable TV!  I have been hurriedly recording all my faves....tlc, hgtv, lifetime, you know everything Ryan loves to watch too.

5.  The crazy weather.  I actually kind of like the brief glimpses of warm weather followed by a high of 36 degrees.  Never thought I would say this but I really enjoy living in a place that actually has a winter....well at least a Texas winter.  That's really cold enough for me :)

And just for fun.....